I am a graphic designer and digital illustrator from beautiful Los Angeles. I received my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design at Cal State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California, in June of 2014.

I prefer Marvel Comics over DC Comics, although I have to say that I am a Bat Man fan. I've always wanted to be a Gryffindor, but I belong in the Slytherin House. I love exploring the unknown. My curiosity lays in the exploration of the mind and the way the human mind perceives those experiences. I am heavily inspired by surrealist work. I believe in the power to capture one's attention through detailed imagery. Enjoy this small glimpse of my world.


Notable Collaborations & Achievements

Tyra Banks Company - 2013

Chriselle INC. - Graphic Designer - 2013-2014

7 For All Man Kind Jeans/Estée Lauder - Storyboard Collaboration* - 2014 

UST Global Winning Finalist Team - App Design - June of 2014

Dancember - Benji and Judy Travis - 2017-2019 (ongoing)


*Submitted proposals for storyboard while working for Chriselle INC.