Twists and Turns

One thing I've come to understand and realize, is that you'll never know where you may end up being two months from now, six months, or even a year. Life is a never ending but constant roller coaster ride. I remember during my early college years how afraid I was about making the wrong choices in life. I kept asking myself if I was happy with what I was doing. Was I content? Would I be content? Drastic changes happened, and it's been a never ending experiment since. 

I am certain though, that I have been so blessed with the different experiences that my professional career has offered. I never would have been where I am today have I not taken those initial steps, and built a platform where I could share my feelings, my thoughts, my passion. It's helped me through an extremely rough patch in life, and continues to do so. I kept thinking, maybe this is what I was meant to do - this is what is meant to help me move past so many obstacles that I was facing. And it did. This is where my inspiration comes from, through my struggles. 

As I continue on the journey, I can't help but feel grateful for everyone I had the pleasure working, creating, and sharing ideas with. From my colleagues to my family, I can't ever thank them enough for supporting me with what I love to do. To create. I keep reminding myself to push harder and to believe that anything is possible.

This is only the start, and it's going to get better.


Lace Balloons

It seems as though it has been forever since I last updated my blog. So many ideas, and so many ventures I'd love to accomplish...but where to start? Sometimes I feel as though my mind has been scattered. I've been faced with so many choices to make in life, that sometimes I fear that maybe one choice made would impact the rest of my life. I feel like this edit truly depicts that. How do you know which hot air balloon is the right pick?

But then again, without risks, what is life? 



Island! I usually post my new edits on instagram, but today I felt like trying something new and posting it to my blog first. I was inspired by the one and only King Kong! Lately I've been wanting to take a trip to Universal Studios, which is more than likely what prompted this inspiration. 

I have been quite inspired lately. Since that start of this month, I already have four edits posted (this one is next), which is unusual. I usually post anywhere between 1-2 a month, considering I was extremely overwhelmed with school. But now that chapter is closed, I'm finding more time to doing what I love. 

What would you like to see next? Comment down below!

Under the Sea

I was inspired by Disney's, "The Little Mermaid," while recreating this image. I feel a Disney trend happening really soon. A special shoutout to Jonny Joyce for allowing me to use his beautiful background for the image! Very little retouching was done to the image!

I would love to work on some more collaborations. It's amazing just how many undiscovered talent there really is out there. More to come soon!


It's here!

Yes, they are finally here! After some time and dedication, the artwork in my gallery is now available for purchase. I am extremely excited and proud, as this is almost two years worth of work in the making. The planning and designing has paid off! Feel free to look around, and if there are any prints that you would like but don't see available, e-mail me and we will make something work. Here's a direct link to the Print Shop. For now, it's time to get some sleep. 

Thank you for all the constant love and support everyone! 

The Secret Garden

It's not often that I get the opportunity to collaborate with talented photographers, but when I do, I can't help but be excited. I had the privilege to work with the lovely photographer Mégane Claire (@meganeclaire). 

Growing up, The Secret Garden by Frances Burnett, had always been one of my favorite books. The inspiration behind this photo edit was inspired by the novel. I guess it's simple to say that childhood memories and fairytales will always be a major source of inspiration for me.

One thing that I try telling others that ask how I'm inspired, I tell them to constantly look for the beauty in everything. Strive not only to inspire yourself, but inspire others. You never know what will become of it!


Believe to Dream

Inspired by fashion week, and this Spring's hottest looks, I was influenced to take a surrealist approach and designed something a bit more "high fashion" couture. I am going to venture more into creating different themes; it's been a bit difficult to stray away from the fashionable edits!

Dream to believe, and believe to dream.png