Twists and Turns

One thing I've come to understand and realize, is that you'll never know where you may end up being two months from now, six months, or even a year. Life is a never ending but constant roller coaster ride. I remember during my early college years how afraid I was about making the wrong choices in life. I kept asking myself if I was happy with what I was doing. Was I content? Would I be content? Drastic changes happened, and it's been a never ending experiment since. 

I am certain though, that I have been so blessed with the different experiences that my professional career has offered. I never would have been where I am today have I not taken those initial steps, and built a platform where I could share my feelings, my thoughts, my passion. It's helped me through an extremely rough patch in life, and continues to do so. I kept thinking, maybe this is what I was meant to do - this is what is meant to help me move past so many obstacles that I was facing. And it did. This is where my inspiration comes from, through my struggles. 

As I continue on the journey, I can't help but feel grateful for everyone I had the pleasure working, creating, and sharing ideas with. From my colleagues to my family, I can't ever thank them enough for supporting me with what I love to do. To create. I keep reminding myself to push harder and to believe that anything is possible.

This is only the start, and it's going to get better.